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Lower costs during construction by taking advantage of preconstruction services!

Preconstruction Services: Keep Your Project On Budget With Marlin Buckley, P.C.

When you are in the planning phase of a construction project, before any actual construction begins, you may need expert help planning, designing, and coordinating all phases of the project to meet specific requirements and stay on budget. If you need preconstruction services in PA, MD, DE, and NJ, Marlin Buckley P.C. supplies preconstruction service experts in all facets of construction who have the experience to keep your project on track and on budget.

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Our Preconstruction Services

Pre-construction management services include:

  • Estimates and agreement on Guaranteed Maximum Price or GMP
  • Evaluation of costs such as permits and land acquisition
  • Investigating the site
  • Consultation on design
  • Evaluations and studies
  • Determining value using engineering and analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Hiring or assigning a project manager and the rest of the crew and more

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Procedures Involved In Our Preconstruction Services

During preconstruction the process often follows this sequence of events:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Project Evaluation
  • Schematic Design Creation
  • Budget Estimate
  • Material and Equipment Selection
  • Value Engineering
  • Site Evaluation
  • Get the Required Permits and Approvals
  • Design Document Review
  • Create a Schedule
  • Establish the GMP
  • Package the Specifications for the Bids
  • Create a Safety Plan

Initial Meeting In Preconstruction Management Services

During the initial meeting, the preconstruction service experts will have a discussion with the client to learn about the construction project objectives, goals and budget and what to expect during the pre-construction processes. The main topic of the discussion includes –

  • Review objectives
  • Review budget
  • Follow up meetings may be necessary as the preconstruction research and findings progress

Project Evaluation In Preconstruction Services

Project evaluation for the pre-construction process begins after the initial meeting between client and the preconstruction service experts. The initial project evaluation is a very crucial process as it forms the basis of the rest of the process. The project evaluation includes –

  • Define project needs and expectations.
  • Conceptualization of the building and materials that will be used.
  • Basic floor plans showing process flow.
  • Selection of inspectors and design consultants.

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Schematic Design Creation

  • Provide an initial schematic used for client feedback and as part of the bid package.

Budget Estimates During Preconstruction

Many factors are used to estimate the construction project budget. These factors include –

  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of equipment
  • Cost of subcontractors
  • Cost of potential problems
  • Areas for savings

Material and Equipment Selection in Preconstruction

  • The proper choice of material and equipment is very important during pre-construction.
  • Analysis of the building systems and equipment required to use that system.
  • Identification of potential areas for cost savings.
  • Identification of possible sustainable design opportunities.

Value Engineering in Preconstruction

  • Determine if the amount of work is in the client’s budget.
  • Projected cost analysis with solutions for cost-saving alternatives.

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Preconstruction Site Analysis

This process requires the pre-construction service expert to visit the site to check feasibility. The pre-construction service expert will also evaluate the location, it’s routing and infrastructures to finalize the plan. The key steps involved in this process –

  • Visit the site and do a requirement feasibility check.
  • Predict potential added costs.
  • Create a “site master plan” showing landscaping, parking, foundation, etc.

Preconstruction and the Required Permits and Approvals

This includes building permits, approval for site plans and other additional permits. Pre-construction service experts know which permits are needed and how to expedite their approval.

  • Get building permits
  • Get site plan approval
  • Get utility permits and any other permits if necessary

Design Review During Preconstruction Services Involves

  • Ensure the design will meet the specifications.
  • Ensure the right materials are specified.
  • Get a team consensus on the design specifications.

Next, Create the Schedule

Scheduling helps to organize the work and identify key areas of the project to gain a clear overview of it’s progress.

  • Include milestones for approvals
  • Define start times, intermittent due dates, and final project end date projection.

Establish the GMP

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Package the Specifications for the Bids

  • This may also include a short list of construction companies
  • After the final bid is received, they will all be evaluated and a construction company selected.
  • The schedule will then be finalized.

Final Step in Preconstruction is to Create a Safety Plan

Safety preparation is essential for pre-construction. Everyone on a construction site must follow safety standards described by local, state, and federal regulations. During pre-construction it is important to make a safety plan that will cover every situation.

  • Include guidelines for local, state, and federal regulations
  • Identification of potential safety hazards on the project
  • Identification of situations on the project and safety considerations.

Why Choose Marlin Buckley PC for your Preconstruction Services?

Save money on your construction projects with well-planned, scheduled, and estimated projects by using the experienced staff at Marlin Buckley P.C around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. With the right preconstruction service planning, your project is far more likely to be smooth and stay within budget. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Preconstruction Services

What are Pre-Construction Services?

Construction projects need a huge amount of planning before executing the actual commercial construction work. Preconstruction services help organize the construction project by analyzing, estimating and designing every detail necessary before construction. A good Pre Construction service provider will offer a detailed step-by-step list to get the construction project done on budget and on time.

Why are Preconstruction Services the Most Important Step in the Construction Process?

The Preconstruction process determines the success of the construction project, baring uncontrollable factors. Important analysis and measurements are made in this pre-construction process that help to enhance the project success, reduce other risk factors and assess obstacles. A reliable pre-construction service provider will bring value to your project during this process by estimating budget and timelines, with a clear execution plan.

Do You Need Preconstruction Services?

Preconstruction services can add value to your complicated construction projects. The most important thing to build a successful construction project is to select a great project management service team. Preconstruction services providers work with architects, inspectors, contractors and engineers to analyze potential problems. Then, they offer plans to these identifiable obstacles that will save your time and reduce your costs.

What are the Five Most Common Pre-construction Services?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand where an owner is in the preconstruction process. There are many entry points for owners to decide they need pre-construction services. One entry point is at the actual concept part of the construction project. Another is after a loan has been obtained, contractors and architects selected, when plans have been designed, and there are many other points of entry to pre-construction service. Sometimes owners may want an expert to take a look at their project before breaking ground. Finally a person can come to find preconstruction services after the job was problematic, and they need to fix the mess. Depending on the stage that an owner enters into pre-construction services, the types of tasks will be very different, from choosing contracts to verifying that plans will actually produce the desired structure.

What Questions Should I Ask During a Preconstruction Meeting?

Again this depends on the stage of the construction job. Some owners may want their owner’s rep to interview contractors for a bid, verify a pre-selected contractor or help in finding a contractor. Regardless, there are a few things that will make finding a contractor much easer:

  • Get a contractor’s qualification statement / document completed.
  • Ask how the pre-construction service will qualify the contractor.
  • Check to see if the contractor is in a union, and if the contractor is non-union it may be difficult to qualify the contractor.
  • Additionally, a performance and payment bond on a larger commercial job can help protect the buyer, but these are rarely issued on smaller commercial jobs or home building projects.

Why is Pre-construction Important?

It is an effort to minimize risk to the owner for any construction projects.

What are the Pre-construction Activities that MUST be Conducted?

Again, this depends on where the owner is in the process, but contractor prequalification is vital. Another item that must be done is to make sure plans are expertly verified to ensure they will pass inspections.

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