Why Work With our Staff?

Seasoned Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are very important because they help jurors and judges understand technical information, they are objective and their reputation makes them believable, and they work closely with the legal team to build a strong case. Our expert witnesses in construction areas have a solid reputation of working closely with attorneys.

Large Construction Project Help

You may need an additional professional construction cost estimator due to the increased volume of work. This will involve helping with client bid preparation, preparation of negotiated proposals for clients, conceptual estimating of project costs for clients’ capital planning efforts, and estimating support for expert witness cases. Additionally, research work for estimating and for expert reports will be needed. Much of this work will require on the job training, as there are no known educational programs which teach this subject matter properly and thoroughly. Our firm of experienced professionals uses “old school” methodology, which has a proven track record.

Meet Our Experienced Staff Members:

A Note from Marlin Buckley: “All of my current staff, and I are actual tradesmen, having apprenticed and worked with the tools. Bernie and Paul have over 55 years in construction each and I have over 46 years. We are not text book estimators and experts. This is what sets us apart from our competition.”