Owner’s Rep Project Management For Construction Projects

Project management for construction projects service providers include project management for construction project’s schedule, costs, and quality-control. The responsibility of professional Project management for construction projects services is to deliver a successful project to the owner. The construction manager of the project management for construction projects represents the owner in communications with the architects and engineers of the project, and with the general contractor on the project, who in turn manages all subcontractors. A good professional construction project management service provider will guide the project on an efficient path to completion, avoiding pitfalls through the process.

Construction Project Management Service Provider on the Owner’s Side of the Table

We provide a true agent for the owner representation, sometimes referred to as fee based construction management around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. We provide project management for construction projects, from the initial conceptual stage of the project design and planning, through the solicitation of bids, until the final punch list item is completed and the project is closed out, our seasoned technical staff maintain rigorous quality control and assure the owner has received maximum value for every dollar spent.

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Our Project Management For Construction Projects Includes:

  • Preliminary Cost Studies
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Architect Selection
  • Design Supervision
  • Cost Controls
  • Bidding Management
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contractor Supervision
  • Project Closeout

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Benefits of Hiring Project Management Service Provider for Construction Projects

Project management for construction projects requires very specific expertise to manage complex and expensive construction projects. Hiring the wrong person or company can result in costly mistakes and delays.

  • Expert Representation – The construction manager will provide expert and objective project management, and represent the best interests of the owner at all times for the duration of the project.
  • Reduced Project Costs – Construction managers offer advice for improvements and feedback on every decision and their potential impact on cost implications, all of which are weighed against the project schedule. The construction manager looks for efficiencies to reduce project costs.
  • Quality Controls – A construction manager will establish quality controls during the course of the project. This starts in preconstruction and is reflected in the contract documents. Correcting deficient work is expensive and avoidable. Professional construction management will ensure quality workmanship.
  • Risk Management – A big part of construction project management is risk management. Construction managers will identify and mitigate risks to protect the owner from liability and additional costs.

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In addition to specializing in the construction field around PA ,MD, DE and NJ, our construction project manager will handle the day to day workflow and communicate with all involved parties, from the owner to the subcontractors. Our project management service providers are active participants in a project. From the beginning of the project, the construction manager will provide opinions and recommendations about the designs for the project and what could be improved. Conversely, the construction project manager should be open to suggestions about alternate construction methods and report on the changes in cost and project timing.

Throughout the process, the construction project management service providers will closely monitor all time spent for all aspects of the project to assure no extra costs are incurred for work happening without the knowledge of the owner or for work taking much longer than outlined in the project plan.

Another main responsibility for project management of the construction projects team is the coordination of the procurement of all materials and equipment. After acquiring the necessary materials, the construction Project manager then makes any necessary payments to the contractors and pays for needed materials in PA ,MD, DE and NJ.

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