Paul V. Stonerod, Jr

Senior Associate
Extension 2
E-mail Address:

Quick Summary:

  • Been with the firm for over 10 years.
  • Been in the construction industry for over 55 years.
  • B.S. Degree in Business from Farleigh Dickinson University with Matriculating Courses from Rutgers University and Drafting Courses from Drexel University
  • Areas of expertise:
    • Sitework estimating
    • General construction estimating
    • Electrical estimating
    • Expert report research


  • Construction estimates and bids
  • Construction schedules
  • Budget estimates
  • Damage Incident Reports
  • Q&A inspections
  • Project Progress reports
  • Operations Budgets
  • Maintenance Costs


Onsite Risk Evaluations for Insurance Underwriting, NJ
Insurance underwriting property inspections.

Project and/or CM Management
Commercial Building Re-Construction & “Ground-Up” projects
in Philadelphia, PA,West Haven, CT, Lacey Township, NJ, Bristol, CT,
Jacobstown, NJ, Upper Darby, PA,Franklinville, NJ, and Salem, NJ

Xactimate, CPR Soft, NCE & Means estimating, NJ
Hurricane Sandy damage estimates & ICC applications

Renovation Details, ITB, Bid Manager, Contractor Interviews, NJ
Structural design criteria, design budget, project manager, site supervision

Project/CM Troubleshoot Construction Delays, PA
Commercial Building Re-Construction

Pre-purchase building inspection and repair/maintenance budgets, PA, TN

Project Manager Pre-Construction Services, NJ
Drawing and Constructability Review, construction schedule, construction budgets, “Out to Bid”, Out of Ground to footings and piers. (30,000SF – $10MIL)

Construction Inspections, PA
Maintain construction inspections of 19 various commercial properties from $1MIL to $25MIL, including percentage of completion, budgets and back-up estimates.

Construction Management Consultant, NJ
Drawing review, construction estimate and “out to bid”. Bid review and schedule. Banquet and Reception entrance to existing restaurant (5,000SF – $1.5Mil)

Construction progress review, construction scheduling, budget review, contract review. (15,000SF – $2.8MIL)

Senior Project Manager and Estimator, PA
New construction of a (52,000SF) Assisted Living facility. ($8.5MIL)

Senior Project Manager and On-Site Supervision, NJ
Selective demo and re-construction of new clubhouse and pool house facilities (62,000SF). ($4.9MIL)

Project Manager and On-Site Supervision, PA
Demolition and construction of a new (43,700SF) clubhouse. ($7.4MIL).

Construct a (70,000SF) shopping center. ($5MIL) Fit-out tenant spaces. ($1MIL).

Selective demo and re-construction of a (47,000SF) clubhouse section of an existing country club. ($5MIL).

Renovate the existing Kitchen. ($500K).

Demo and re-construct a new (6,800SF) Pool House. ($1MIL).

Construct a (50,000SF) 84-bed assisted living and Alzheimer’s Facility. ($5MIL).

Convert vacant office spaces in Hospitals to (1,000SF) prescription drug stores. ($145K).

Construct a (15,000SF) 1-story restaurant in a vacant retail space attached to a Mall. ($1MIL).

General Construction, PA, MD, NJ and NYC
Designed, demolished and converted a church rectory into a three story (6,000SF) pre- school facility for 125 students. ($750K)

Historical renovation and conversion of three 250 year old townhouses to the (10,000SF) 15-unit Bed and Breakfast. ($1.25MIL)

Design, conversion and fit out of a (6,000SF) vacant retail space to a Center City Philadelphia book store. ($175K)

Performed “plan and specification” review on the restoration and conversion of a 5-story (25,000SF) industrial building to commercial “loft” style office spaces overlooking Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. ($2.5MIL)

From 1990 to 1995 we performed various levels of rehab construction on (105) residential and commercial investment properties. ($5.2MIL)

Converted (3) commercial properties from a pizza parlor, a retail space and a bank to a (5,000SF) corporate office. ($600K)

Layout, frame and finish (6,000SF) of temporary offices in the lower level of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station. ($292K)

Demolish and refit a (6,600SF) section of the 17th floor of a center city high rise building to clerical office space. ($250K)

Construct one story “strip” style shopping centers in:
White Haven, PA – 15,000SF ($1.5MIL)
Bordentown, NJ – 12,000SF ($1.1MIL)
Princeton, NJ – 18,000SF ($1.5MIL)

Designed a line of “knock-down” furniture, set up a business plan and filed for patents. ($55K)

Design and refit a (10,000SF) industrial building for a furniture manufacturing facility. ($375K)

Set up a woodworking shop and manufactured prototypes for the full line of “knock-down” furniture. ($125K)

Developed market plans, selected locations and sold “knock-down” furniture franchises. Four @ ($25K) each. ($100K)

Refit of retail space for furniture franchises:
King of Prussia Mall – 3,000SF ($60K)
Downingtown Farmer’s Market – 1,500SF ($30K)
Concord Mall – 2,500SF ($50K)
Booth’s Corner – 1,500SF ($30K)
Springfield Mall – 3,000SF ($60K)

Design, install and fit out (200) temporary modular student housing units. ($1.4MIL)

Installed (200) kitchens and baths during the rehab of the apartment complex. ($280K)

Design, layout and construct framing for a 37-unit student housing project in the University of Pennsylvania area. ($300K)

Design, layout, frame and finish a (5,000SF) cubicle type office renovation. ($125K)

Consultant in NJ, PA
Design, build and market (110,000SF) commercial and industrial building. ($4.8MIL)

Convert a (40,000SF) Philadelphia waterfront pier into an eight (8) court private tennis club. ($1.1MIL)

Convert a 4-story (6,000SF) vacant “row house” style building into corporate offices. ($750K)