Professional Construction Management

Construction Project Management

Whether it is a full-service assignment or additional back-up support in the office, our seasoned professional construction management team truly represents our clients’ best interests. To that end, we provide project management for construction projects big and small.

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  • General Construction
  • Civil Construction (site work)
  • Mechanical Construction (HVAC and Plumbing)
  • Electrical Construction

Whether building a single-family home or a skyscraper, project management for construction projects are very detail-oriented. The professional construction management team must coordinate all of the moving parts and people involved in just the right way to get the project done efficiently, and on time and on budget. Construction management for construction projects orchestrates the planning, budgeting, and supervision of every facet of a construction project.

While all project management service providers manage resources during the course of a project and guide the scope, cost, time, and quality of the work on the project, the construction industry usually involves more constraints that are specific to construction projects. In addition, construction project managers usually interact with a variety of different disciplines over the course of a project, so it’s best to enlist professional construction management from Marlin Buckley, P.C., with expertise in all construction trades.

Most construction projects require project management service providers in order to be successful because there are so many moving parts to coordinate. Professional construction management guides a project from beginning to end to ensure a safe, efficient, successful project.

Project Management for Construction Projects

Project management for construction projects is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Estimating and negotiating project costs
  • Creating a budget
  • Creating a work schedule and timeline
  • Determining what methods will work best for the project
  • Communicating with clients about the budget and progress of the project
  • Collaborating with other construction professionals on technical and contract details
  • Coordinating with building, construction, and regulatory officials

Stages of Construction Project Management


The project manager works with the architect to further develop the initial design. This includes researching the best materials to use and the best equipment for the project. From this research, the project manager will gather contract documents with the final drawings and the construction specs to be distributed to contractors to bid on the job.


Before breaking ground, the project manager will assemble the rest of the team, and make sure the site is ready for construction before work begins.


Once everyone is ready to build, the project manager will have one last meeting to discuss work hours, the storage of materials, quality control, and access to the worksite. The project manager will create a transparent payment schedule so that the entire workforce is on the same page.

Challenges of Project Management for Construction Projects

Things will go wrong on any project, even with the best plans in place. This makes specific contingency plans critical for the project. In addition, having a team that is not properly skilled for the project is a major problem in project management for construction projects. Another issue occurs when the scope of the project moves beyond what had originally been planned. This will quickly affect the budget, so any changes must be carefully considered before implementing. The professional construction management at Marlin Buckley, P.C. will monitor all of these to keep the project on point.

The key to a successful construction project is the accountability of the contractors and subcontractors involved. Professional construction management provides strong leadership of these teams, who are working separately but toward the same goal of a successful project. The project manager must ensure that all teams must take responsibility for the tasks assigned to them. Poor communication will kill a construction project. The project manager must communicate effectively with all working teams involved and also with the owner.

The Value of a Project Management Service Provider

Project management service providers can provide value to organizations by establishing standard processes, documentation, and a common language throughout the organization to ensure that projects deliver results and the organization thrives. Even with increased competitive pressure, fluctuating economies, and the chaotic pace of change, effective project management service providers have proven to be the single constant in business success. Indeed, professional project management delivers results that organizations of every size and industry need.

In a competitive business environment, organizations are looking for an edge that can help them deliver products and services faster and cheaper, while also maintaining high quality and brand integrity. In the past 20 years as a global consultant, trainer, speaker, author, and strategic advisor to global organizations, I’ve realized that a prime ingredient to scalability, predictability, and consistency is using a proven method or process to deliver projects (products or services) on time, in the budget, and within scope.

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