Forensic Expert Witness Consulting Services

A forensic expert witness in construction is someone who provides expert testimony in a court of law. A forensic expert witness consulting services provided by Marlin Buckley brings his expertise in general construction, mechanical, and electric to settle disputes in courts around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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The Role of Expert Witness Consulting Services

Just as crime scene investigators apply science in the collection of evidence, forensic expert witnesses in the construction field scientifically put pieces of evidence together and testify in court based on their findings. Forensic expert witnesses may be called to testify in court or hired as consultants to share their expertise around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Forensic experts witnesses may be used in criminal or civil cases or appointed by the court to assist in understanding the subject matter. Forensic expert witnesses consulting services in PA provide a third-party opinion on evidence presented by experts for the prosecution or the defense.

No matter who requests their expertise, forensic expert witnesses are always well-prepared and organized. After gathering information, forensic expert witnesses must create reports and documentation that is written in a way that everyone involved can easily understand. Forensic expert witnesses work together with the attorneys and the courts that have requested their services to help each other understand technical construction jargon and the legal terms in the case.

Forensic expert witnesses like Marlin Buckley conduct themselves in a professional manner by being organized and prepared. This preparation is necessary during the pretrial discovery process used by opposing attorneys to learn the key facts of the matter in dispute. This process is very structured by the court’s procedural rules and deadline-driven, so be sure to choose an experienced expert witness consulting service professional around PA, MD, DE, and NJ like Marlin E. Buckley as your forensic expert witness in construction.

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Who Qualifies as a Forensic Expert Witness?

Trial lawyers use forensic expert witnesses to explain complex scenarios and evidence to jurors in plain, easy-to-understand fashion. In using forensic expert witness consulting services lawyers feel better about the jury (made up of laypersons) being equipped to properly weigh the evidence that has been presented to them. But what qualifies a person to be a forensic expert witness in a court?

In most cases, someone who can show qualifications in a certain field, with education, training, experience, and skill is generally considered to be an expert. Marlin Buckley has over 40 years of experience in expert witness consulting services in construction fields and has testified as a forensic expert witness hundreds of times around Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. As a result, he has several areas of forensic expertise, including general construction and various trades, including electrical, carpentry, HVAC, and plumbing.

While courts can accept any person as an expert, and many times persons who lack experience have been declared experts in court, but opposition lawyers of course can try to discredit a witness to claim they are not qualified to testify. Make sure your forensic expert witness stands up in court! Marlin Buckley has years of experience in the construction trades around PA, MD, DE, and NJ and years of experience testifying in court based on that experience.

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