Cost Estimating & Bid Preparation in Construction

Much more than an academic estimating service. . .

We are actively engaged in the marketplace in providing bid preparation services for our clients. We know what it takes to win the job. As such, we provide our clients with true BIDDING counsel.

  • Hard-Bid Estimating, both Public & Private
  • CM-at-Risk Proposal Preparation
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Change-Order and Claims Estimating
  • Preconstruction Services

Bid Preparation in Construction

Bid preparation in construction is the process of submitting a proposal for the management of a construction project to the project owner. With the bid, contractors commit to providing a project owner with specific construction services for a quoted cost by a specific date. It’s important to utilize professional bid management services to make sure all of these important details are feasible and correct.

Without professional bid preparation services, many contractors find themselves bidding for the wrong jobs or under-bidding on projects that result in a loss. In fact, there is much more to successful bid preparation in construction than being the lowest bidder. Bid preparation services are more complicated than reviewing plans, developing an estimate of costs, and firing off an estimate. In a competitive bidding environment, contractors must go beyond just estimating costs, and provide clients with a proposal to manage an entire construction project.

With our bid management services for the construction industry, we can help you achieve your business goals. For small construction businesses, pursuing new projects can represent a huge opportunity cost. When you utilize our bid management services, there is no need to dedicate substantial time and resources to the lengthy process of bidding for a new construction project. This leaves you to focus on what you do best: building! Not endless paperwork.

Our specialty is in construction bid services allowing us to develop a niched expertise in construction bidding. Marlin Buckley, P.C. can produce far more effective bids than a generalized bid management firm.

To begin the bid development process, we’ll sit down with you and develop a thorough understanding of your business goals, strengths, and operational capacity. Every business and business opportunity is unique, so every bid will be tailored to your business – no boilerplate bids!

With a specific project opportunity in mind, we’ll go about creating a winning bid. We’ll use your input about how you plan to deliver services for the proposed project, and then get started writing the bid, making sure it meets the requirements of the project specifications. We can work independently, or with as much input as you want to give.

Cost Estimating and Bid Preparation Services for:

  • General Construction
  • Civil Construction (sitework)
  • Mechanical Construction (HVAC and Plumbing)
    • Marlin Buckley P.C. offers plumbing cost estimator services for construction jobs. It is always important to strike the balance with a bid that will win the job for your company and also return a profit and grow your business. Marlin Buckley’s experience gives him the ability to accurately predict the time and materials needed for a plumbing job. As a plumbing cost estimator, Buckley’s bid preparation services will give a clear picture of what the plumbing job will cost, from start to finish. Having an accurate estimate will often give you an edge over the competition.
  • Electrical Construction

Construction Estimate Sample

Bid preparation services include detailing the estimated costs needed to acquire all elements needed to complete a construction project, and the costs of executing the project. The construction estimate sheet is used to estimate the cost of labor and materials for a project. This serves as a quote for construction work, facilitates the calculation of construction costs, and assists clients in developing an overall project budget. Over the years, Marlin Buckley, P.C. has prepared construction bids for many projects and clients. See our Construction Estimate Sample to review a few.